GMA is proud to be a key partner with Golf Australia and all other golf industry bodies in Vision 2025’s national strategy to get more women and girls into golf.

The Vision 2025 strategy aims to position golf as a sport where women and girls are inspired to participate, feel welcomed and nurtured throughout, and empowered to achieve their goals.

As significant influencers at golf clubs and facilities, managers have a big role to play in assisting the strategy’s aims. It will not just happen on its own.

It takes a mindset to be looking for opportunities, some planning, some investment and some patience.

Many clubs have setup a Vision 2025 committee or steering group within their club to look at how their current conditions meet the AHRC Guidelines on Women and Girls in Golf. We encourage all clubs to consider this approach.

The committee will engage more club stakeholders and provide more focus on the issues than leaving it to a busy club board.

Naturally, the recommendations of the Vision 2025 committee will be brought back to the board to consider and implement.

Perhaps the newest change for clubs is understanding that on Saturdays, women with seven day playing rights should have access to the choice of all tee times like men do.

Many clubs have in place what is essentially a historical “special measure” with a set of allocated tee times for women. This may be fine to continue with, but it is not an alternative to allowing women and girls the full range of tee times to access.

General managers have an opportunity to lead change by bridging the gap between old ways of doing things and new ways. When it comes to change, some members will embrace, many will be generally supportive but apathetic and some will find changes quite challenging, hence putting up levels of opposition. The GM and board need to get in the mix, explain the changes needed, open mindsets and bring members on the journey.

This takes an investment of time and energy but without it the club can become divided between the status quo and those embracing the change.

From a GMA perspective, we are able to offer more opportunities for women in leadership. At many of our clubs, we have talented women working in key roles. In the past, some may not have aspired to become general managers or even get to know the game of golf.

We can influence this through the way we include women in our association’s professional development, golf and networking events.

Providing a female pathway to future general manager roles is vital to the evolution of our association.

Golf Australia's Vision 2025

Five ways that GMA is engaging women:

  1. Advocacy for the Vision 2025 strategy – including GMA attending all Advisory Group meetings and undertaking gender equity training.
  2. Development of women in leadership.
  3. Encourage GMs to implement a female staff wellbeing program where clubs invest in golf lessons for female staff members to learn the game and enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of golf.
  4. Engaging a diversity of women presenters at GMA National Conferences and in other forms of professional development.
  5. Encouraging our clubs to engage with national programs such as Women’s Get Into Golf and MyGolf Girls.