The 2020 BMI GM/CEO Program is now scheduled to take place as a virtual BMI course due to current COVID-19 restrictions.

Held over four time zones, from coast to coast, to regional areas and into the Apple isle, the first ever virtual BMI program will be an exciting proposition.

This five-day intensive program will introduce you to CMAA’s GM/COO concept.

You will understand the responsibilities and characteristics of a true GM/CEO. 

You will learn how to operate your club as a business whilst being perceived as its true leader, even though the credit may go to others.

The 2020 BMI 'GM/CEO' Program will be facilitated by a line-up of passionate experts covering:

I. The General Manager/Chief Executive Officer Concept
II. Legislation
III. Marketing Principles
IV. Member Participation Strategies
V. Law and Club Operations
VI. Emotional Intelligence
VII. Building the Key Leadership Team
VIII. Social Media as a Communication Tool
IX. Facility Maintenance
X. Cash, Capital and Operating Capital Budgets
XI. Operating Budgets
XII. Golf Operations for Managers
XIII. Golf Course Maintenance for Managers
XIV. Club Issues Roundtable
XV. Career Update
XVI. Case Study
XVII. Negotiation Techniques
XVIII. Business Writing


Two days - virtual sessions on the CMAA online platform to be completed between 19th October 2020 and 1st November 2020

  • Prior to commencement on 19th October, you will be provided with a link to the CMAA University for the BMI program recorded topics;
  • The BMI recordings can be done in your own time and will conclude with exam questions at the end of each topic.

Three days - live Australian content in state hubs to be held on 4th, 5th & 6th November 2020

  • These hubs will require you to be in attendance for the three days in order to sit the exam on Friday, 6th November.
  • The hubs will break-out for work on an aspect of the case study.
Hub locations:
  • Brisbane, QLD - Oxley Golf Club
  • Sydney, NSW - Concord Golf Club (TBC)
  • Adelaide, SA - Glenelg Golf Club
  • Perth, WA - Lakelands Golf Club
  • Launceston, TAS - Launceston Golf Club
  • Australia - VIC and regional Australia will use an online hub
To Register

The cost of the 2020 BMI 'GM/CEO' Program:

GMA Member (State Hub) $1,200 (+ GST)
GMA Member (Online only) $1,000 (+ GST)
Non GMA Member (State Hub) $1,400 (+ GST)
Non GMA Member (Online only) $1,200 (+ GST)

To discuss the program, please contact GMA Chief Excutive Officer, Paul Vardy (

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Please Note:

  • The BMI Program is open to GMA members; GMs and senior managers.
  • Non-GMA members will be accepted on the basis of working in the golf industry and availability for places

Ian Fullagar Sports Lawyer

Topics: Law and Club Operations

Ian Fullagar is a Sports Lawyer and has over 30 years’ experience in legal practice having been admitted to practice in 1989.  Ian has a combined Bachelor degree in Arts and Law, and a Master of Law degree.

Having forged a successful career after 20 years as a partner in Melbourne firms, Ian has very broad corporate and commercial legal experience and specialist expertise in sports law and public law.

Ian has held many positions on government, commercial and not-for-profit boards both as a director and as company secretary.   He has also lectured at a number of universities in various sports law and sports governance related subjects.

Ian is a founding member of the Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association (ANZSLA) and was National Secretary from 1990-1997.  He is now a life member of ANZSLA and is also a Vincent Fairfax Fellow.

Mark Oliver M.Eng MA (Cantab) FCIPD FAHRI ILPF

Topics: Building the Key Leadership Team and Emotional Intelligence

Mark started his career in the UK’s 5 Airborne Brigade, where he was a Jungle Warfare instructor and Demolitions Officer for 11 years before moving into the civilian world.

He specialises in enabling organisations and leaders to gain significantly greater engagement from their staff which directly increases the 4P’s of purpose, productivity, performance and profit. He does this through leadership and high-performance team training and boosting leaders’ four fundamental intelligences. These courses focus on leadership, self-leadership and self-awareness in both professional and personal life.

Mark set up the international consultancy, MarkTwo Consulting, in 2002 to provide advanced leadership programs, and became accredited in a large range of the standard organisational psychometric instruments used internationally.

His drive for guiding people to be the best leaders they can be at home and work, combined with his deep knowledge and unique take on "authentic" leadership as a driver of business performance, has made MarkTwo's courses highly sought after in Asia-Pacific.

About the Business Management Institute (BMI)

You’re there to make a real difference in your club and the best way to do that is to use your knowledge and experience to help your staff, your board and your club succeed.

Because things are continually changing and evolving, new learning is required of today’s club managers. Taking yourself out of your current state of predictability at your club and immersing in a new environment with speakers, lived experiences, ideas with industry colleagues in the room, you’ll learn. It has powerful effects. New genes are turned on within you!  You will return to your club with greater insight into your role, more engaged and with a wonderful network to call on.

GMA, in collaboration with Golf Australia and Club Management Association America, entered the BMI program in 2018. The eleven competency areas are taught:

  1. Leadership
  2. Interpersonal Skills
  3. Club Governance
  4. Accounting, Finance, and Data Analytics
  5. External Governmental Influences
  6. Human and Professional Resources
  7. Membership and Marketing
  8. Food and Beverage
  9. Golf, Sports, Recreation, and Wellness
  10. Facilities Management
  11. Information Technology
“You’re there to make a real difference in your club…”

The ultimate club manager professional development program, the BMI modules are delivered within an open learning environment.  Your experiences are shared, explored and respected within workshop sessions by a caring community. 

“Your experiences are shared, explored and respected...”

Remember, on the highway of club management life, you have already come further than most others and the lessons you have learned can be very helpful to others.

The social aspects of BMI allow you to create and connect with colleagues in golf management who understand your unique working world.  The connections are long lasting and realistically, who else really understands your work?

“The connections are long lasting…”

The BMI Program is delivered to an agreed international certification standard. Aligned with the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA), you complete a test on the Friday afternoon and receive a certificate of completion. 

Participants new to the program receive free registration at the following two CMAA World Conferences in the US.

When to start the BMI journey?

General Managers, CEOs and senior managers may choose to commence the BMI modules at any time and in any order.  Each BMI module will be repeated at a future date, so it won’t matter if you cannot attend a module or if you haven’t commenced yet.

A CCM Qualification

As a BMI participant, you will be on a pathway to obtain CMAA’s ‘Certified Club Management’ (CCM) qualification which recognizes the unique skills and knowledge required of successful club management.

In order to sit for the Certified Club Manager exam, four BMI modules must be completed in addition to a range of professional development and prior qualifications that acquire points.

With a CCM qualification you will be connected to 31 countries throughout the world.