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Digital Technology in the Golf Club

Wednesday 23, Oct 2019
By Nicole Martino, GMA State Operations Manager (WA)

Golf Australia's Senior Manager of Marketing & Digital, Greg Oakford, used the recent GMA National Conference to remind delegates how clubs can communicate their product and service offerings via digital technology. 

Stating that “the mobile phone is the remote control of our lives,” Oakford highlighted the importantance of developing the Club’s communication and marketing plans with this in mind.  

Apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram have millions of users and are the pipes that connect the digital ecosystem, and clubs need to start embracing these conduits as communication tools. 

General Manager of Cairns Golf Club, Matt Bolton, was a guest speaker during the presentation and spoke of the successful Social Media marketing campaigns he has recently run. 

For a minimal cost of around $200, Bolton said that his Club was able to run a two-week campaign in the Cairns area targeting social players. The process was quick and very reactive, but more importantly, he didn't need to be a marketing specialist to run that campaign successfully.  However, Bolton did warn delegates that they needed to be conscious of the image they are portraying on social media to ensure their presence on social media promoted the best parts of their Club.

Getting digitally healthy for your golf club.  

One of the key takeaways provided by Oakford during the hour-long concurrent session included thinking of your club as a mini media company, because everyone can be a publisher in 2019.

Some of the practical things that any club can start tomorrow include:

  • Refreshing your newsletter/communication templates;
  • Starting a Club Podcast;
  • Bring the faces and stories of your Club to life through video.  Document stories first and then create the stories/videos. One example of how to find usable content is to follow your superintendent around for a couple of hours and ask him a few questions.  You can then use this information to put out a short communication to your members.
  • Build your audience base through engaging competitions and promotions. 

Oakford reminded delegates that there are tools readily available over the internet to help with the creation of content and many of those are free to use.   Some examples include:

About Greg Oakford

Greg Oakford is the Senior Manager of Marketing & Digital at Golf Australia.  Prior to the implementation of OneGolf, Greg was the Marketing & Communications Manager for Golf Victoria from 2012 to 2018.

He is an experienced Marketing & Communications professional with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

He is highly skilled in marketing, sales, content, data, media relations, social media, event management and digital advertising campaigns.