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Nexus Golf Insurance

Thursday 07, May 2020

Nexus Golf Insurance (NGI) has been a proud supporter of GMA for a number of years.

From National Conference sponsor and exhibitor to corporate partner, NGI has stood by GMA as it provides guidance, training and networking opportunities for its members. Throughout this time, NGI staff have enjoyed a great friendship and camaraderie with all members of the Association, many of whom are now valued NGI clients.

There is an old saying in the Insurance Industry – ‘insurance isn’t important until it is!’ Insurance is one of the largest ‘spends’ for a golf club and getting the cover right is an important aspect. Many Clubs have an association with an Insurance Broker that they are unwilling to break. Loyalty to a trusted ‘friend’ or business associate is an admirable trait and one we admire. We certainly hope that our valued clients place their trust and loyalty in NGI.

With this in mind, NGI would like to highlight some points of difference we can offer through our exclusive Insurance partnership.

Business Interruption/Insurance review

We offer our clients a business interruption/insurance review free of charge. This is designed to ensure the club is fully covered in the event of a major insurance event and is based on the Clubs Financial results.

Drone Surveys

The Underwriter will carry out a drone survey of the roof of the club’s buildings. This will highlight any potential problems that may occur in windy, storm or rain events. Correcting these problems prior to any event will save the club costly repairs and possibly an insurance claim.

Vegetation Stress Drone Surveys (Where possible)

Using the latest technology (and where flight rules will allow) the Underwriter can use a drone to identify vegetation stress the Club may need to pay attention to and avoid loss or damage to the vegetation and surrounding assets.

Deferred Payment Options

During the current Corona Virus situation, the Insurance Industry has been working on assistance measures for clients. One of these measures may be the ability to defer or delay payments for premiums to a more suitable time for the Club. Please ask us about these measures.

Nexus Golf Insurance (NGI)

NGI has many valued clients around the country and would appreciate an opportunity to discuss your Club’s Insurance program. We are also in a unique position to be able to assist your trusted Broker seek an alternate proposal for your Insurance program. Should you wish to seek alternate quotes, please ask your Broker to contact me.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact Nexus Golf Insurance for further information.

Contact Details:

Peter Brown
Business Development Manager

Office: 08 9340 3444
Direct: 08 9340 3427
Mobile: 0428 411 900

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