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Latest from the CEO

Tuesday 25, Feb 2020
Paul Vardy - GMA Chief Executive Officer

GMA passed an important milestone on 1st January 2020. It marked the first anniversary of the service agreements with each of your GMA states.

Initially for two years, the service agreements are the first steps towards a one-GMA model. As preparations for this model advance, it is expected that the current agreements will be extended for at least another two years.

The new structure paves the way for better coordination of schedules and administration systems, improved efficiency in operations and more consistent delivery of our members’ professional development.

The evolution towards a one-GMA model did not happen overnight. It was a vision of previous state and national administrations for a modern association with the capability of delivering more to its members whilst demanding less hands-on by boards of volunteer managers. Past and current executive boards at state and national levels have embraced the change. Credit goes to recent boards and former Executive Officer, Jim Cail, who established the business case for the one-GMA model and achieved the establishment of the service agreements.

Within our new operating environment there is a lot of work to do in developing and refining our systems. This will take time. We have a new website which is improving every month, we are advancing our capability to communicate better with members and we will be working on new elements such as the professional development points system.

These changes are coming together nicely and we are greatly appreciative of the spirit of friendship and cooperation experienced from our state executives and members.

GMA has always been an organisation with a strong camaraderie and it is the basis for our association moving ahead together.

The first of our national professional development presentations, proudly brought to GMA by Bidfoods, will take place at Royal Perth Golf Club on Friday, 28th February. The event is titled “Leading a Truly Great Club” and the focus is on health and wellbeing for managers and staff, recognising the signficant impact general managers can have on this. Speaking will be Vanessa Newell, a reigstered psychologist, and Nathan Tovey, ePar’s Area Manager.

Other states will host this event in May.

Further to the topic of health and wellbeing, the financial health of managers and their staff is important. GMA’s partner, Hostplus, has one of the highest performing balanced funds on the market as seen in Money Magazine or Canstar. If you and your team could benefit from a visit to explain superannuation options, please get in touch with them.

The second set of professional development events will be proudly brought to GMA by Toro and held in July on the important topic of club marketing. We encourage all members to attend these special events.

One of the keys to GMA’s long term success will be to expand our membership so more golf managers can benefit from the evolving professional development offerings.

In particular, we would like more managers from regional areas and strategies are already underway in some states to achieve this.

Our membership health is important to our association and to our corporate partners who contribute sizeably to the costs of providing our schedule of events.

With your continued support, our partners will see the benefits of their national exposure to you, our members.

On a different note, congratulations to Barb Kelly, GM of Chirnside Park Country Club, for achieving 30 years with the club. Along with Barry Linke from The Grange Golf Club, this is an outstanding achievement. We’ll have more on Barb and the Chirnside Park story in the next GMA Journal.

Finally, it is always pleasing to see new members joining us at GMA events. These members are often performing demanding jobs in challenging club environments and so are keen to improve their skills and network with more experienced managers.

Please go out of your way to make them welcome and if you can assist with some mentoring along the way, it is a great additional benefit you will be providing them from our association.