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Niche Corporate Solutions expands its support for GMA

Tuesday 22, Sep 2020

We announce with great pleasure that Niche Corporate Solutions is the newest National Business Partner of GMA. 

Niche Corporate Solutions are national electricity and gas procurement specialists with 20 years’ experience. They have been helping golf clubs get the best energy contracts in the market for over 15 years.

A state partner for many years, Niche Corporate Solutions decided now is the perfect time to expand its support as a national partner of GMA.

“We’re thrilled to expand our involvement through the one GMA national model,” said company director, Mark Vowles. “We are looking forward to assisting GMA members by providing them the right advice so they can make informed decisions for their club's energy costs. We are constantly monitoring the energy markets on a daily basis which enables us to provide advice on when to go to market. We provide detailed analysis and fact based recommendations to club managers to assist them when making important decisions with their energy contracts.

"We are a one stop shop for procuring electricity, natural gas and LPG contracts. We are a trusted, reliable, experienced partner just a phone call away to assist managers wherever we can whether it be general industry questions to ways of reducing their energy costs.

"We offer a wide range of services and advice on not only the energy retail contract, but network tariff yeviews, power factor correction, assistance in resolving disputes with energy bills, payment plans through difficult times and so much more.

"Once managers receive the advice we bring to the table in what can be a confusing market place, they stay for the journey. With the One GMA national model becoming established, we’re excited to help more clubs into the future with their important energy decisions.”

Niche Corporate Solutions has partnered with dozens of golf clubs to reduce their electricity and gas costs. Clubs include Commonwealth, Eastern, Heidelberg, Huntingdale, National, Kew, Metropolitan and Royal Melbourne to name a few.

GMA Chief Executive Officer, Paul Vardy indicated, “Having met with Mark on a number of occasions and in speaking with general managers who use Niche services, I know Mark will be a welcome voice on the inside when it comes to finding the best energy deals. In challenging economic times, it’s not only fantastic that Mark wants to expand his support to GMA, but even more importantly, it’s great for our members to have access to a person with such a knowledge of the energy markets when signing contracts worth a lot of money." 

GMA members can ring Mark to talk about energy deals and quotes can be arranged with no obligation on the clubs. 

For further information please feel free to contact:

Mark Vowles
0403 093 400

Niche Corporate Solutions website