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GMA Podcast Interview: Mac Niven

Tuesday 29, Sep 2020

“The most important part of the job is the relationship between the board and GM.”

This is not your normal interview with a club manager.  Mac, from upstate New York, is a straight shooter and could be described as something like the John McEnroe of clubs.

There’s an intelligence that is sharpened by lots of experience – a close listen and you will find out about his “epiphany”.

With Rod Morri and Paul Vardy ask questions that delve into his experience and some of his findings from his research paper “Fostering Strong Working Relationships Between the GM/COO and Club Directors”. 

His thoughts on director influence and “the expansive representation of one” are important leanings for managers young and old who want to understand what’s really going on in the minds of board members.  You may not agree with everything you hear in this interview but it will make you think!

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