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GMs meet for PD in NSW

Thursday 29, Oct 2020
Frances Cordaro - NSW State Operations Manager

After a long winter of COVID restrictions, NSW general managers, their colleagues and guests were able to gather for a GMA Professional Development session, which took place on Thursday 22 October at the recently refurbished Pennant Hills Golf Club. 

“I really enjoyed the day. It was good to get back  ‘in room’ and the speakers were excellent,” David Gazzoli, General Manager at Killara Golf Club said. 

Co-founder of Four Pillars Gin, Matt Jones, delivered an inspiring presentation about brand experience. He spoke about being innovative whilst maintaining constant purpose, being authentic to your craft while delivering an efficient business and creating engaging experiences for your community which are remarkable yet seamless. 

“The presentation by Matt Jones was excellent,” Gazzoli said. “Killara is a very traditional Club and his presentation showed me that I need to think differently about certain areas at the Club, change things up, to create an authentic experience.” 

“One such example is a few years back we hosted a Champagne Tasting on the outside terrace. It was an enormous success and guests were able to taste champagne from the basic through to top French champagne.”

Before the keynote presentation, former General Manager at NSW Golf Club, David Burton, posed questions about managing the COVID crisis to a panel of three General Managers, Nigel Gibson of Manly, Derryn Weigand of Cronulla and Barry West of Mollymook. 

“The three Club Managers were all from very different Clubs and it was great to hear their stories. Killara is aligned with Manly, but I enjoyed hearing how both Mollymook and Cronulla managed the COVID crisis,” Gazzoli said. 

Barry West also shared his Golf Club’s experience during the summer bushfires, which included losing power for 24 hours yet managing to offer the Club house as a refuge to anyone who needed food and shelter.

“The story of Mollymook Golf Club during the bushfires was incredible,” Gazzoli said. 

“Barry West and three other persons on the management team did so well. It’s a good story because it shows us that we have got to be prepared to deal with challenges at any time, we need to know how to adapt to the a situation.”

At the conclusion of the session, the Annual General Meeting of GMA NSW took place. Kieran Semple, Chair of the organisation, took the opportunity to thank the event partners, Bidfood and Toro, as well corporate partner presenters, PAYG and Hostplus, and Callaway for event gifts and prizes. 

The next and final 2020 GMA NSW event is the Presidents’ Captains’ and General Managers Day taking place at Ryde Parramatta Golf Club on Thursday 26 November 2020. Registrations open next week.