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A message from the GMA Chair

Thursday 17, Dec 2020
Cathy Neagle / CMA Chair

It’s been really pleasing to see members getting together recently for a rush of GMA coordinated professional development activities, state AGMs, podcasts, a mini-conference and golf days after a year where GMA events have been so interrupted by the global pandemic.

The recent BMI program held online and in hubs was a great success with 41 participants completing BMI-GM/CEO with pre-learning in October and live events in early November. There will be more about these events later in the Journal.

GMA produced its comprehensive Annual Report for the 2019/20 year in spring and held the AGM in late November. The report summarises the 12 months as well as covering the earlier six-month period when the ‘One GMA’ management model came into being from 1st January 2019.  It’s amazing to reflect on how much has happened over that period with the National Conference in Melbourne being the major event and highlight. GMA remains committed to delivering on its four key pillars: individual professional development, member health and wellbeing, member support and development, and stakeholder relationships and industry advocacy.

2019/20 GMA Annual Report

The year 2020 has been one of much change. Many clubs have come out of the year financially stronger and with a demand for golf that would have been unimaginable a year earlier. We’ve all reflected on the way we run our clubs and the key focus areas to maximise opportunities. GMA remains in a very strong position to deliver on member benefits. We’re buoyed by the support of our corporate partners, many of whom have commented that they highly value the relationships being built and that they’re in it for the long haul.

With GMA’s two year service agreement with states coming to a close at the end of the year, GMA and state executives have agreed to bring the timings into alignment with the financial year. A six month agreement is being signed in each state, new KPIs formed and reporting occurring on a quarterly basis. We thank all state executives for their interest in improving the ‘One GMA’ service agreement and for the ongoing support of the model.

GMA’s recent AGM saw a continuation of the board composition: Cathy Neagle - Chair (NSW), Peter Busch - Vice Chair (VIC), Aaron Muirhead (QLD), Mark Tan (SA), Troy O’Hern (WA), Anthony Masters (Independent) and Kieran Semple (Independent). I thank the board for their input and support over the year.

The GMA board originally scheduled its strategic planning day to occur in May but this has been in abeyance. Whilst the online meetings throughout the year have been terrific, a good planning process requires meeting in person with the guidance of a facilitator. This will occur in late February and we look forward to drawing on the experiences from across the country, industry reports, as well as feedback from the GMA Member Insight survey.

We thank our CEO, Paul Vardy, for his first full year driving GMA operations as well as his team of operations managers and staff. We thank our corporate and industry partners for their on-going support and, most of all, we thank our members who have had a year of such change and adjustment. Though most could do with a long break, the reality is that many of us will see the biggest summer of golf and possibly clubhouse events in years. With so much impacted by COVID-19, particularly around the world, we’re very lucky to be in a sport that has attributes so important to people in a time of such upheaval.

We wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all at GMA events in 2021.

GMA Journal (Summer Edition)